MECOA produces old time vintage model engines. But Randy only works on these when time permits. Since the acquisition of K&B & Shuwa many of these projects have been put on the back burner. They are not dead, just delayed.

Please be sure you know these are antique type engines and are not suitable for modern modeling. If you don't know what you're buying, don't buy it. These engines has very specialized applications.
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Anderson Spitfire
Baby Cyclone

Cunningham .647

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Holland Hornet .049

Atwood .049

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CIE Diesel

Forster .29, .35

Forster 99

Edco Sky Devil .19,  .49, .65

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Elfin 1.8 and 2.49 Diesel

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Johnson .35 Stunt


Hassad Bluestreak .65

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Viking Twin .65
ME Snipe .074 and Heron .099 Diesel

Remco .29

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