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RJL is the worlds largest producer of old time vintage model engines.

Please be sure you know these are antique type engines and
are not suitable for modern modeling. If you don't know what you're buying,
DON'T BUY IT. These engines has very specialized applications.


All castings are made from original molds and all machined parts are held
to exacting standards so you won’t be able to tell ours from one produced 50 years ago.

Cunningham Blue Streak .647 Spark Ignition Version engine

Part No. 99-1501

Cunningham Blue Streak .647 Glow Version engine

Part No. 99-1502

Ball bearing crankshaft • Lapped iron piston • Loop scavenged
Bore: .937 • Stroke: .937 • Displacement: .647
Weight: 12.1 oz (glow version) • 12.6 oz (ignition version)

The Cunningham Blue Streak .647 is basically a Orwick with
a ball bearing crankshaft and cast on mounting lugs and venturi.
Produced in the forties, it is a very rare engine as very few were made.
It's actually better than the Orwick because it has
a more conventional design and a ball bearing crank.

Like the originals, these current production models feature a
lapped iron piston, bar stock connecting rod, and
ball bearing crankshaft. The originals came with a "make" timer
which the cam actually closes the contact point. Our current production
comes standard with a "break" type (same as Orwick) timer
where the cam opens the contact.

Differences from the original
Knurled prop drive  •  Orwick style timer on ignition version standard
Original style timer optional extra  •  Slightly larger crank diameter & rear bearing
Better looking blue finish.

EDCO .19 Sky Devil Engine
A 2/3 scale version of the famous Sky Devil spark ignition racing engine.
EDCO .19 Sky Devil engine
Double Bearing Crankshaft
Lapped Iron Piston
Loop Scavenged
Displacement:  .19
 EDCO .49 Diesel Engine
EDCO .49 Diesel engine

Bushing Crankshaft
Lapped Iron Piston
Loop Scavenged
Displacement:  .49

Probably one of the rarest engines,
it was the largest diesel produced
in the U.S. and was to be
marketed after the war.

 EDCO .65 Sky Devil Engine

All castings and machined parts are held to exacting standards,
actually better then the ones produced 50 years ago.

EDCO .65 Sky Devil engine



RJL's new Sky Devil is produced to the highest standards
to provide you with the ultimate in power for old time free flight flying.
Some features like the original include dual ball bearings,
massive hardened and precision ground alloy steel crankshaft,
forged & bushed connecting rod, and a high silicon aluminum
piston fitted with two rings.

RJL's version is produced with an aerospace quality investment castings
and all machining is performed on our CNC equipment.

If you're looking for a real vintage racing engine that qualifies for SAM contests, this is the one.

FORSTER .29 & .35 (Front Intake)

Truly one of the most popular engines of the 40's and 50's is available once again.

We used all the original casting dies and the latest computer controlled machining
to produce by far the best vintage engines available.

Both engines are front intake and include original box and literature.

The ignition version is equipped with rear mounted, aluminum tank.
Plugs are not included.

Features includes forged alloy connecting rod, investment cast iron
piston hand lapped to a hardened steel liner and a hardened alloy steel
crankshaft running in phosphorous bronze bearing.

If you're into vintage flying or just enjoy owning
a part of modeling history, these Forster's are perfect for you.

Forster engine





















9 to 1

9 to 1

9 to 1

9 to 1


6.25 oz

6.25 oz

6.45 oz

6.45 oz


8x6 or 9x6

8x6 or 9x6

8x6 or 9x6

8x6 or 9x6


.52 @ 14,200

.6 @ 14,200

.44 @ 12,200

.47 @ 12,600


All castings are made from original molds and all machined parts are held
to exacting standards so you won't be able to tell ours from one produced 50 years ago.

Forster .99

Spark plug, high tension lead,
coil, & condenser set
available at additional cost.

Part Number 99-0801
uses 1/4x32 plug.

Part Number 99-0802
uses 3/8x24 Plug.

Forster 99 with 2 speed ignition timer

No other current production vintage engine offers the unique design and
quality construction of the Forster 99.
RJL had used the original casting dies and the latest
computer controlled machinery to bring you this piece of modeling history.

The Forster 99 ignition engine first appeared on the market in 1936
and was sold thru the 1950's. Many features of the day included two speed timer
to allow a low/high speed by retarding the spark timing, ball bearing crankshaft,
and bronze bushed connecting rod. This well known favorite of many modelers
produces .68 horsepower and swings a 14 to 16 inch propeller with ease.
If you ever wanted to own a FORSTER 99, NOW IS THE TIME!


for information, prices or try to order any of these engines.
We will notify everyone when they become available.
We won't help you with any questions concerning these engines.
We need the time to build them right now, not talk about them!

"Atwood", "Cunningham Blue Streak", and "Sky Devil"
are trademarks of RJL Industries.
These engines are available FACTORY DIRECT only.
Spark plug, coil & condenser are not included.
All engines carry a full one year warranty against
defects in materials and workmanship from RJL Industries.

NO DISCOUNTS allowed on this engine.
Quantities are limited and supply may be erratic.

Please be sure you know this is an antique type engine
and is not suitable for modern modeling.
If you don’t know what you’re buying, don’t buy it.
This engine has very specialized applications.

Please Note: All our vintage engines are made on the same machinery as our production R/C engines, however, the quantities are far smaller. For this reason we usually produce the vintage engine parts when time is available during our normal production runs of similar parts. This results in some of the vintage engines not being available for some period of time. Check stock status on this website.

Rest assured it is being worked on, but we do have to finish all the parts before we can sell it.
Thanks for your patience.


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