Cunningham BlueStreak .647

The Cunningham Blue Streak .647 is basically a Orwick with a ball bearing crankshaft and cast on mounting lugs and venturi.

Produced in the forties, it is a very rare engine as very few were made. It's actually better than the Orwick because it has
a more conventional design and a ball bearing crank.

Like the originals, these current production models feature a
lapped iron piston, bar stock connecting rod, and
ball bearing crankshaft. The originals came with a "make" timer
which the cam actually closes the contact point. Our current production comes standard with a "break" type (same as Orwick) timer where the cam opens the contact.

Differences from the original
Knurled prop driver
 Orwick style timer on ignition version standard
Original style timer optional extra
Slightly larger crank diameter & rear bearing
Better looking blue finish.

•Ball bearing crankshaft
• Lapped iron piston
• Loop scavenged
• Bore: .937
• Stroke: .937
• Displacement: .647
• Weight: 12.1 oz (glow version)
• 12.6 oz (ignition version)

Owners Guide

Glow Version Also Available

Replacement Parts

The Cunningham uses many of the same parts as the Orwick .64.

The way the story goes, Cunningham made parts for Orwick and after a disagreement Cunningham started making his own engine (bet you never heard a story like this before). So if you need Orwick parts we may be able to help you.

Most Cunningham parts fit the original. Two timers were used, a "make" and a "break" type. The cam lobe on the "make" type actually closed the point contact and the "break" is the conventional style that opened the contact like the Orwick was supplied with.

When we made the engine we increased the size of the crankshaft to .472" diameter. Two reasons for this, first it gave us a stronger crankshaft over the original .437" diameter. Second the original Cunningham used a bearing with a 1/2" diameter ID and a spacer to accommodate the 7/16" diameter crankshaft. You see the Orwick does not have a ball bearing. So our metric bearing and shaft size is the perfect fix.

Part No.


Model / size

10-1501 Crankcase Cunningham .647 (RJL only)
11-1501 Head Cunningham .647
15-1501 Wrist pin w/pads Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
15-1502 Wrist pin spacer Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
16-1501 Connecting rod Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
17-1501 Crankshaft Cunningham .647 (RJL only)
18-0011 Rear bearing Cunningham .647 (RJL only)
20-1501 Prop Driver Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
21-1501 Rear cover Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
23-1501 Prop washer Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
24-1501 Prop nut Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
25-1501 Screw Set Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
26-1501 Brass pads for wrist pin Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
29-1501 Gasket set Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
30-1501 Exhaust stack Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
33-1501 Piston/Cylinder Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
70-1501 Timer complete Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
71-1501 Timer Frame Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
74-1501 Timer arm Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
74-1502 Timer arm w/knurled knob Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
76-1501 Insulating ring Cunningham .647
78-1501 Stationary point Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
78-1502 Moving point Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
84-1501 Spray bar & nut Cunningham .647
85-1501 Needle Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
87-1501 Needle/spray bar assembly Cunningham .647 (Orwick .65)
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