ATWOOD .049 Engines

All castings are made from original molds and all machined parts are held
to exacting standards so you won’t be able to tell ours from one produced 40 years ago.

The Atwood .049 were built in the 1950's by famous engine maker Bill Atwood.

These have been assembled using many original parts and castings.
We were able to acquire the remaining inventory from Atwood's original production,
so most parts are 40 years old. The balance of components are made or machined
by us to higher standards than the original.

Engines include original instructions.

Atwood .049 engine
Atwood .049
Atwood .049 w/Tank
Atwood .049 with tank
No complete engines are available at this time. Click here for parts

Bushing crankshaft • Lapped iron piston
3-port sub exhaust transfer • Displacement: .049 & .051

The word ATWOOD is a trademark of MECOA/RJL - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

A little history

We have the Atwood parts and molds but not the Wasp which was identical. All the tanks we have,
have the pick up at the bottom.

The mold has 2 tanks and 2 crankcases. The tank we use is the timer tank modified to act as a regular tank.

Bob Holland and Bill Atwood had a falling out in early-mid 1950's. Bob Holland took the Wasp and Bill Atwood
came out with the near identical Atwood named version after that. The Wasp was nicer
castings like where the crankcase screws go through the case and the name engraving.

Unfortunately the Wasp stuff was all gone long ago and tooling was destroyed in 1968 when the
die casting company that made the casting burned down in 1968.

We luckily were given the Holland Hornet and some Johnson tooling by Bob
Holland about a year before he passed away. The Atwood .049 project we have came from Signature Motors in Tulsa, OK.

Here is some good info

If you look at the picture of the .049 and .15, it shows the timer tank with pick up tube on
the bottom of the .049