The Holland Hornet was made by Bob Holland after he seperated from Bill Atwood. They produced the Wasp .049 together. Bill went on to make the Atwood .049 and Bob made his famous Holland Hornet.

Randy from RJL/MECOA was able to get the original casting dies from Bob Holland many years ago.

Currently we only have the parts listed below available.

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Part No.


10-1701 .049 Crankcase
20-1701 Prop Driver
23-1701 Prop Washer
24-1701 Spinner Nut
24-1702 Prop Nut
29-1721 Back Cover Gasket
83-1701 Needle Spring
84-1701 Spray Bar
85-1701 Needle valve and spring
87-1701 Needle/spray bar assembly

Holland Hornet Engine Glow Plug Wrench