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Elfin 2.49 Front Intake Engine
Elfin 2.49 Front Intake
Elfin 2.49
Elfin 1.8
Elfin 2.49
Elfin 1.8

Bushing Crankshaft • Lapped Iron Piston • 4 Port Sub Exhaust Transfer

These Elfin's are All American Made in our factory,
they are the absolute best quality you can get. Don't be fooled by other
Elfin Reproductions, these have the best workmanship around.
High quality investment cast crankcase castings, hand lapped iron piston
with hardened and ground wrist pin, counter balanced crankshaft
running in a bronze bushing and locking lever compression adjuster.

Elfin's were produced in England from 1949 to 1958
and have secured a revered spot in model engine history.
Elfin's were known for exceptional quality in their day.

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