All castings are made from original molds and all machined parts are held
to exacting standards so you won’t be able to tell ours from one produced 50 years ago.

Bushing crankshaft • Lapped iron piston
Loop scavenged • Displacement: .65

We took a survey to see if you guys would be interested in this engine.
Response was fairly good. We'll probably make it someday. Not real soon though.

for information, prices or try to order any of these engines.

We do have a limited supply of original parts. We can not guarantee the fit to your engine.
Please email to inquire.

We will notify everyone when they become available.
We won't help you with any questions concerning these engines.
We need the time to build them right now, not talk about them!

Please Note:
All our vintage engines are made on the same machinery as our production R/C engines, however,
the quantities are far smaller. For this reason we usually produce the vintage engine parts when
time is available during our normal production runs of similar parts. This results in some of
the vintage engines not being available for a long time. Rest assur
ed it is being worked on,
but we do have to finish all the parts before we can sell it. Thanks for your patience.