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There were different lenght crankhshafts used on different Atwood models. Check our photos

Part No.


10-AS01 Crankcase .049
10-AS02 Crankcase .051
11-AS01 Glow Head
Head Adaptor
17-AS01 Crankshaft .049
17-AS02 Crankshaft .051
20-AS01 Prop Driver
21-AS01 Rear Cover
21-AS02 Tank Complete
21-AS91 Tank Back stamping
24-AS01 Prop nut and washer
25-AS01 Screw/nuts for back cover
25-AS02 Screw/nuts for tank
29-AS01 Gasket set
29-AS61 Tank Gasket
33-AS01 Piston/cylinder/con rod
84-AS01 Spray Bar
85-AS01 Needle with spring

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