• We only repair engines we manufacture or supply parts for.
  • Minimum estimation fee is $20.00 per engine plus $14.99 shipping & handling. (Except Kavan)
    (If you do decide to proceed with the repair, these charges will be credited towards the repair.)
  • Total estimated repair charge for current production engines will be within reason.
    The charge for repair parts will not exceed 60% of the retail price of a new engine it the same model is still available. (Labor, shipping & handling are additional cost).
  • Labor charge on all engine repairs can reach up to a maximum amount as follows:
    $ 40.00 -
    for standard aero
    $ 50.00 -
    auto and marine engines
    $ 70.00 -
    for single cylinder 4-strokes engines
  • Obsolete engines, if parts are available, will be charged for all parts, labor, and shipping & handling.
  • Kavan engines are charged time and materials. Labor rate of $140.00 per hour. Estimation fee is $50.00 plus UPS
  • The customer is responsible for all in and out bound shipping charges.
  • If you want your engine test run there is an additional cost which we will quote on request.
HOW TO GET IT REPAIRED Please Call Us Before Sending to determine if we have parts available.
  • For estimate of repairs, send engine to:
MECOA/K&B Service
16015 Adelante St
Irwindale, California 91702
  • Include a note with your name, address, and telephone number in the box with the engine. An e-mail address is also helpful. We will call or e-mail at the earliest possible time after receiving your engine to advise you of the estimated cost of repair.
  • Engines returned for repair are subject to the estimation fee and shipping & handling fee if not repaired. The service fee and return postage fee must be sent with the engine. These funds can be in the form of a valid credit card number (with expiration date and CVN number), a check, or money order (payable to MECOA/K&B) for $32.99. (If you do decide to proceed with the repair, these charges will be credited towards the repair.)
  • A repair cost quotation will be given for all repairs. Alternately you may state a maximum you are willing to spend for the repair and if our quote exceeds that maximum, you will be notified and can then decide if you wish to repair the engine.

  • Shortages of parts or production priorities may result in repair delays. MECOA/K&B will make every effort to expedite your repair but cannot assume responsibility for situations over which it has no control.
  • Any engine for which a repair estimate is declined will be returned to customer if the service fee and return shipping & handling charge has been received by MECOA/K&B.
  • Any engine received by MECOA/K&B without the service fee and/or return shipping & handling charge and is not claimed 180 days after notification by MECOA/K&B will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at MECOA/K&B's discretion.
  • If you wish to bypass our repair program and want to try to repair your engine yourself, click this link for the parts department and Frequently Asked Questions