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Irwindale, California 91702
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About 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles
3 miles east of our old location in Monrovia.


Complete details on ordering engines or parts can be found at: order info


Email US... If you do e-mail, you will receive an answer but NOT IMMEDIATELY. We receive a significant amount of e-mail that slows everything down for everyone. If the answer is on our website, we will send a link to the page that will answer your question. Try to keep to the point, we tend to lose interest in long essays.


Stock status can be found in our shopping cart and is 99.5% accurate. You are not charged when placing an order through our shopping cart. We process all orders personally so you are not charged it something is out of stock.

Most parts and accessories are in stock. You will be notified prior to shipment if any one item on your order is out of stock. You will not be sent an order short one part without your permission.


We receive many telephone calls and e-mail's every day asking for technical information or help. In many cases, much of the information is available on our website and is much easier to understand with pictures and text rather than us trying to describe things over the telephone. If possible, be logged into our website if you call and we will help you find the information.

PLEASE NOTE: We are very sorry but it is very difficult for us to provide extended "Technical Consultation". Don't take this wrong, we will gladly answer your questions but if you wish to spend 20+ minutes on the phone with us to learn on how to fix something on an old engine you bought off ebay or got for free from a buddy's widow, we will have to impose a charge or we may as well just go out of business.


Frequently Asked Questions... Here you can find answers to many common questions. We will gladly answer question not answered here.

Owner's guides... Most owners guides for all the engines we produce are listed here in .htm and .pdf formats
Parts lists... and many "exploded views" of our engines are available. These are particularly helpful in taking apart and reassembling your engine.
If you have a question that is not answered by our website, do one of the following:
  • Email US... If you do e-mail, you will receive an answer but NOT IMMEDIATELY. We receive a significant amount of e-mail that slows everything down for everyone. If the answer is on our website, we will send a link to the page that will answer your question. Try to keep to the point, we tend to lose interest in long essays.
  • Call our technical support line. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CALLING. Free technical support is available to customers who have purchased from us in the past year or we may request a donation. This policy has been put in place because of the large amount of used engines being purchased on ebay and the fact some, not all, are too lazy to look for the information on this website. Call 626-359-6972 Monday thru Friday - 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time. You will be required to give your name, address, phone and email before any help is provided and we may have to call you back.

    A note from Randy...
    I'm really sorry but we are swamped. Customers call and complain because some items are out of stock. I AM THE ONE THAT WILL ANSWER MOST TECHNICAL QUESTIONS. Due to the amount of companies we've rescued, I am overwhelmed and can't get a lot of the stuff in gear. So PLEASE help me out and DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. Despite what you may think, we are not General Motors. We don't have a boiler room with techs that read answers off of scripts.


    Most important... keep to the point of the call. Don't go off into the weeds. Make believe you're calling a talk show with a limited amount of time before the host cuts you off.

    If you call and I give you and answer, DON'T argue with me because your buddy or some "expert" on the internet said something different. If what they said was correct, you wouldn't be calling us. Believe me, I see and hear a lot of bad information out there.

    We know you have been modeling for 50 years and know a lot. Unfortunately most callers say this so it lost its validity plus you wouldn't be calling if you knew the answer.

    WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOAT and AIRPLANE Models. Please direct these questions to the people that made them. Don't ask me questions about models, all I know about are engines.

    Don't ask me for tech help on engines we don't make. I get too many calls for other brands because there is no one else to call. I can't do it and stay in business. We only know about our brands and there's a lot of stuff we don't know about changes WEBRA and FOX made over the last 70 years, I'm trying to learn them all, but it ain't easy. FOX especially has turned out to be a real challenge. If you see something you think I made a mistake on, by all means point it out. I may be wrong, but you may be too. : )

    I would love to hear about you modeling history, it's really interesting but I'm swamped. When we get caught up a little, I'll be glad to BS with you on the phone.

    Thanks for understanding.

  • You may send us a fax at 626.301.0298 (be sure to include your return fax number and country code, if applicable!)
  • Finally, you can write via regular mail at:
    MECOA -- 16015 Adelante St. -- Irwindale, CA 91702 U.S.A.



MECOA K&B Mfg sells at the lowest possible prices. For this reason, once shipped, we like to consider all sales final. If you wish to return merchandise for credit, please do the following:

  • Contact us tell us why you wish to return an item. (we like to know if something's wrong) We will assist you and note it in our computer and then you can send it back to us. Please call us prior to making a return.

  • The return must be requested within 30 days from the date of shipment from our factory. The customer is responsible for all postage and expenses both in and outbound, including postage and handling for shipment of replacement/exchanged merchandise.

  • Merchandise returned after 30 days of shipment from our factory is subject to a 25% restocking charge. If more than 60 days have elapsed from original shipment date, merchandise is not eligible for return or credit.

  • Please note that an item being returned must be complete, unused, and not marked, scratched, defaced, or modified in any form. Also, the item must be in its original packaging and container.

  • Shipping & handling charges are not refundable for any of the above.

  • Returns which are due to an error by MECOA K&B Mfg are handled on a case by case basis,
    for assistance call 626-359-6972

Refer to Parts Lists and Owner's Guides link for information.


Refer to warranty link for information.


Refer to repair link for information.


Refer to trade-in link for information on our unique trade-in program.



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