Hassad BlueStreak .65 Engine

Designed by Ira Hassad, the Bluestreak incorporated many of the same parts and
designs of his other famous engine, the Edco Sky Devil.

Both the Sky Devil and Bluestreak were on the leading edge of performance in the late 1940's.

All castings are made from new investment cast molds and all machined parts are held
to exacting standards. It is hard to tell ours from one produced 40 years ago.

Projected street price $450.00


Double Ring Piston

Loop Scavenged

Double Ball Bearing Crankshaft

Loop Scavenged with 2 piston transfer ports








Glow version 14.0 oz

Ignition version 14.5 oz

Ball Bearing crankshaft • 2 ring piston
• Displacement: .65

• Glow Version with prop driver - $369.00
• Ignition Version with prop driver - $449.00
• Optional Spinner Shown - $50.00 extra

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