HP Gold Cup Marine Engines
HP .61 Rear Intake Marine Ringed ABC #99-2224

High Performance HP Gold Cup Front Intake Marine is a Classic addition for your vintage boat.
This Gold Cup series has black Thermex casting treatment to dissipate heat. Originally introduced in the 1980's

Features Schnuerle porting, forged connecting rod bushed at both ends, high pressure castings,
twin needle slide carburetor and precision double ball bearing supported crankshaft.

Ringed ABC construction • Double ball bearings • Schnuerle porting • Slide Carb with accelerator pump

Forged and bushed con rod • Ringed ABC Piston/Cylinder
Schnuerle ported • Double ball bearings



Engine Weight

22.1 oz


2.2 HP @20,000rpm

Practical RPM

2,000 - 20,000

Prop Shaft Thread


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