HP Silver Star Engines
HP  .40 Front Intake RINGED

High Performance HP Silver Stars offer you a favorable price
without a sacrifice of quality.
Almost the same as the Gold Cup series
but without the black Thermex casting treatment.

All feature Schnuerle porting, forged connecting rods bushed at
both ends, high pressure castings, twin needle carburetors and
precision double ball bearing supported crankshafts.

The smallest & lightest of any
.40 made today.
Same as Gold Cup without Black Thermex case treatment.

Forged and bushed con rod • Ringed ABC
Schnuerle ported • Double ball bearings
Weight:  9.5 oz. • Extremely high power to weight ratio • Same external size as most .25's



Engine Weight

Muffler Weight


Practical RPM

Prop Size

Ringed construction • Double ball bearing supported crankshaft • Schnuerle porting • Two year warranty


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