New K&B 1.00 Cubic Inch outboard

Standard water cooled version has mild porting, baffle passage muffler and a 0.385" diameter carburetor throat. Just to have fun with if you're not looking for full race power. Runs 5-15% nitro fuel

Big bore Carburetor of 0.456" Diameter
Non baffle channel muffler
Air cooled head
High performance porting, runs 25% nitro or higher.
Dual exhaust exits.

Custom assembled for your order.

All versions include remote needle, multi mix carburetor for great mid range, hinge plate mount plate with screws, Nylon steering and throttle bracket, and glow plug..


Bore & Stroke
1.10" x 1.06"
1.00 cu. in.
8.58 oz
Crankshaft bearing
double ball bearing
Connecting rod type
super alloy aluminum - bronze bushing both ends
Piston/cylinder type
aluminum piston, brass cylinder with hard chrome plating
Remote needle, rotating barrel with idle mixture disk
Porting type
Schnuerle ports with boost port
Glow Plug
K&B Standard 1L or 7300 HP
Long Reach
3.3 to 4.8
depending on options and fuel nitro content
Practical RPM range
2,500 - 22,000
Depending on options, fuel and prop size
16,000 - 22,000
depending on options, fuel and prop size.
40 oz
Recommended fuel
10~30% nitro depending on model
(minimum 18% oil by volume)
Running temp
200 ~ 260 degree F depending on options
Limited warranty against defects on a case by case basis.
See warranty for details.
Pull starter
p-235 to p-260
Included with baffle channel


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