RJL Mammoth 3.7 cu. in


The NEW MAMMOTH 3.7 cubic inch
quarter scale engine is the only true model engine in this size.

Available in glow and spark versions.

RJL Mammoth 3.7 c.i.
Engine Weight
Prop Size
Practical RPM's
5 lbs.
6.8 @ 10,500
20x11 - 22x8

It actually started out as a 3.4 (55cc) but we popped it out to a full 3.7 (62cc).

Unlike others that convert chain saws and weed trimmer engines,
the Mammoth was designed from the ground up for model airplanes.

Now we can let you in on all the features...

Double ball bearing crank made the right way with full bearing support for the propeller.
Forged steel connecting rod with needle bearings at both ends.
Hard chrome plated cylinder jug with super directional transfer ports.
Walbro pumper carburetor. 3/8' diameter, grade 8 prop bolt.
Electronic auto advance unit mounted in back cover on spark ignition version.
Shock mounting system is integral part of crankcase casting.


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