RJL K.61 01/26/2021
The RJL K.61 is without a doubt the highest quality .61 produced in the U.S.A.
Originally the Kraft .61, Randy Linsalato purchased the product line in 1980 and began producing model engines.
Today, RJL (MECOA) uses the latest computer controlled machinery providing exacting tolerances
PN 99-0101 includes standard Power Tip muffler
PN 99-0102 includes Hush muffler

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The K.61 comes with dust covers on the intake and exhaust.

The K.61 PN 99-0102 is fitted with the Super quiet, compact "HUSH" muffler! Muffler PN 30-0102

Don't worry, if noise isn't a problem we still have the power tip available. Muffler PN 30-0101 which is the Standard Muffler included on PN 99-0101
Both tips interchange easily
and are available seperately.

Engine Weight
Muffler Weight
Prop Size
.940 in.
.875 in.
.607 ci
1.8 @ 15,500
17.5 oz
2.8 oz
11 x 7, 
11 x 8,
12 x 6
2,000 ~

Proven design provides usable horsepower. This means greater pulling power for effortless, more constant speed during aerobatic patterns, even with large heavy models.

Only the finest materials have been selected. The crankcase is an expensive investment casting rather than die casting resulting in a much stronger case at the same weight.

A massive hardened steel crankshaft rotates on two ball bearings of which the front is sealed and equipped with a re-circulating oiling system to eliminate blow-by and dirt contamination. The connecting rod is machined from aluminum bar stock with phosphorous bronze bushings at both ends. The piston is forged and domed for both power and crown strength. An O-ring seals the composite backcover instead of an ordinary paper gasket.

This engine is known for its contest winning ability. Contest winning is, of course, an important indicator of engine performance. Perhaps more important to the day-to-day sport flyer is long life, dependability,  and ready availability of parts and service. These are assured with the K.61 because it is produced in the U.S.A. You'll be proud to have your aircraft powered  by the K.61.