The size and weight of a .15 and the power of most 25's.

RJL Conquest .15







.15 cu.in.

Engine weight

6.3 oz

Max HP output


Max R.P.M. R/C




Manual Parts Price & Availability


The Conquest is the hottest .15 around. It puts out the power of most .25's and is the engine of choice for many top flyers for competition use. This engine works great for ducted fans, too.

Shown is RJL C.15 R/C. Item Number 99-0501
Also Available C.15 U/C. Item Number 99-0551

Both supplied w/muffler. An optional tuned pipe system is
available for the C.15 to provide you maximum performance!

The Conquest .15 boasts:
Schnuerle porting  •  Forged connecting rod
Lapped iron & steel, or ABC piston/liner
Hardened steel, carbide balanced, precision ground crankshaft.

R/C version includes
Carburetor  •  U/C-F/F version features a
bar stock venturi and both are available with a
baffled muffler or tuned pipe adapter.

Also available is a competition head which
utilizes a button glow plug for the utmost in power
because of its superior combustion chamber design.

The Conquest .15 was originally designed and built by Cox and then K&B.
Now RJL continues the production with the most modern machinery in the business.

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