Part Number 30-6101 30-6102 30-6103
K&B - Veco .61 mufflers -- See note at bottom of page about screw length.

Part Number 30-6101 is the standard K&B .61 muffler. Very early Veco and K&B .61's used a HB muffler. These will fit perfectly however the screw on the HB has an odd 5-44 thread. Click here for HB .61 muffler information.

Part number 30-6101 includes:
Muffler, pressure nipple , and mounting screws 5-40 thread

Part Number 30-6102 is the tuned K&B .61 muffler used on the Twister and the very last Standard version made in Lake Havasu in the late 1990's. The exhaust flange was shorter on these two versions and the used 6-32 size screws.

Part number 30-6102 includes:
Muffler, pressure nipple , and mounting screws 6-32 thread


Part Number 30-6103 is the tuned pipe K&B .61 muffler used on the Twister.
Muffler, pressure nipple , and mounting screws 6-32 thread

Part number 30-6104 for Standard K&B .61 5x40 thread
Part number 30-6105 for K&B Twister .61 6x32 thread

Part number 30-4811 for K&B .48 and Twister 6x32 thread
This has elongated holes to accept both hole patterns.

Part number 30-0902 for HB .40 & .61 5x44 thread
Same as 30-6104 except with HB screws and thread.

Set includes: 1 muffler extension - 2 socket head screws

In the late 1990's with the standard engine and the Twister, the exhaust flange was shortened like the example on the left. The also used a 6-32 screw to attach the muffler.

The case on the right was the normal length of the exhaust flange used from the beginning. This version uses the #5 screw size mentioned above. We have returned to this length on the latest production crankcase with the 3 webs on the front of the case. For more information click here.

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