Part Number 14-0901 14-0902 14-0903
Piston Ring for HB .40 and .50

Dykes Piston Ring was used on most
HB 61's and all German Veco .61's
Free floating ring, not pinned.


The 61 PDP and Std 61 use the same
14-0901 ring
and a wrist pin with teflon pads


The 61 Blitz used a standard pinned ring 14-0902
The Blitz had a black head and the wrist pin was retained with clips

The HB sold to the military a .61 without a front bearing.
It used a dykes ring 14-0901


The HB 61 Stamo Heli engine used a pinned Dykes ring. 14-0903
The Stamo had a fan cooling system and is fairly rare.

To remove piston simply remove the head and front housing. The piston can be pushed up thru the cylinder. You may have to clean any varnish from the top of the cylinder though.

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