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This is what happens when you allow water to remain in the engine.
And the customer said "What are you talking about, there's no rust in my engine."
Not only is there rust there is corrosion on the aluminum. Remember there are three different metals inside. Aluminum, steel and brass. It not the quality of the materials, it's the electrolysis action between dissimilar metals.
You basically have a battery when you have dissimilar metals together and when you add salt water like this customer you really have to maintain your engine.


First you need run the engine dry (out of fuel, refer to fuel and rust). Next dry off your engine competely. Compressed air works great but a good bath in WD40 will do also. Squirt in the oiling holes located just below the flywheel and on the powee take off plate shown in the next photo. Earlier outboards did not have these holes.

If you flip you boat or cause the engine to become submurged in salt water, you should disassembl the lower unit haves and the covers on the engine crankcase.

You may need to remove your exhaust system also.


Proper care and maintenace will help avoid rust and corrosion like shown in these pictures.

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