Guess what famous engine company Randy was able to obtain the rights for.
MECOA will give the first 10 U.S. customers with the correct answer a cap of their choice.

We will add hints every few days. Actually I've been adding more often since nobody is guessing correctly.
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As of 7:14 PM Pacific Time 8-21-2019
A lot of good guesses but not even close to 10 correct answers. In fact, not even 3 correct so far.

Hint #1 - Besides their own, this company made engines for another famous company.
Hint #2 - The company is not mentioned anywhere on the main page
Hint #3 - They still had engines for sale even though their factory closed.
Hint #4 - They made car, boat and airplane engines.
Hint #5 - The factory moved once since the time they started.
Hint #6 - One of the owners died in an airplane crash.
Hint #7 - The made other products besides model engines.
Hint #8 - None of the original owners are still alive.
Hint #9 - The last of the original owners passed a little more than a year ago.
Hint #10 - They started making engines in the 1940s
Hint #11 - They made one engine that had a very unique look about it.
Hint #12 - Randy almost bought this company over 30 years ago.
Hint #13 - The last owner really was attached to it. Hard to let things go.
BIG HINT #14 - They made die cast tooling for an .049 .020 and .009 but never went into production
Here are the prototypes - click to enlarge

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