MECOA obtained the rights for
Cameron Precision Engineering

Makers of the Rodzy Tether car and Cameron engines.

Here's some history on Cameron

They made the original Thimble Drome .09 Car engine and rear axle.

Here's what's left of the original prototype.

All bar stock.

Bob Cameron still had engines for sale even though stopped production in the 1960s.

They made car, boat and airplane engines. In sizes .09 .15 and .19
and their first engine was a .23 Ignition engine in the 1940s

They moved the factory 325 Miles north from Chino to Sonora, CA in 1955

Cameron made a small precision drill press in the mid 1960's

The .09 Thimble Drome for Cox had vertical fins. The only other similar engine the the tiny Hasbro engine.

They made die cast tooling for an .049 .020 and .009 but never went into production
Here are the prototypes - click to enlarge
The .15 was a very unique design with only a steel sleeve (ring) above the cast in ports.

They also made die casting dies and castings for a model steam engine but never went into production.

The steam engine was called "Tom Thumb" and I don't have much information on it.

Below is the bottom of the casting.

They made escapements for early radio control models

This house was in front of the original factory.
Mom's standing in front.

The original Cameron Brothers factory was in a converted chicken coop behind this house on Walnut & Magnolia Streets in Chino, California

That's only about 25 miles from our factory


Randy and the last owner Bob Cameron in 2006.


Bob was a very good friend of mine. We spoke nearly every month and I almost bought his company and parents house in the 1980's.

Bob passed away at 97½ in 2018

Now that I have all his personal engines and prototypes, I have many questions that no one can answer.



Coming soon is a movie I took of the factory from the 1980's. Mainly making Micro Drill Presses.

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